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Three reasons charities enrol with PayPal Giving Fund

Author: Tawheed Rahim
21 November 2017

PayPal Giving Fund is one of the exhibitors at Hospice UK’s National Conference, which takes place this week from Wednesday 22 to Friday 24. In this advertorial, Communications Executive Tawheed Rahim explains the main reasons charities sign up with them.

Since relaunching in 2016, PayPal Giving Fund has seen over 4,000 charities enrol in the UK and even faster growth in the US. Here are three of the main reasons why many charities, including hospices, are signing up.

PayPal Giving Fund is a charity that raises funds through online businesses and then grants the funds it collects to registered charities across the UK. It does this by facilitating giving programmes on a number of ecommerce businesses that include PayPal, eBay and Humble Bundle
Each of these provide a way for their users to donate to PayPal Giving Fund and indicate the charity they would like their donation to go to.

For charities to appear on these online platforms, they first need to enrol with PayPal Giving Fund. Once enrolled, the Fund collects all donations that are made to benefit that charity and pays the total amount out on a monthly basis. Along with their pay-outs, the charities also receive Gift Aid (where applicable) and donor details (where these are shared by the donor).

Customer donations

Businesses such as PayPal and eBay have millions of people using their services on a regular basis. Integrating with these ecommerce platforms is a significant technical challenge, but PayPal Giving Fund makes it possible for charities to get in front these millions of users by acting as an online portal for their donations.

On Humble Bundle – a leading retailer of digital games and eBooks – charities can appeal to new potential donors, who are able to pick a charity to support through their purchases on the site. On eBay, as well as enabling shoppers to pick a charity at checkout, sellers can donate from 10 to 100 per cent of their sales proceeds. PayPal enables its users to pick their charity of choice both online and through their app. By signing up with PayPal Giving Fund, charities can engage with users of all three platforms to benefit from their donations.

Selling on eBay

One of the main reasons charities sign up is to start selling on eBay. In 2016, enrolled UK charities raised over £16 million through direct sales on eBay alone. It offers a larger marketplace for their goods, and these can often fetch higher prices for items such as collectables and memorabilia than they would in their physical retail shops.

What is more, eBay waives its seller fees, helping to raise even more. Charitable items also benefit from increased visibility because of the ribbons identifying them on the listings.

No PayPal Giving Fund Fees

To enrol, a PayPal account is needed along with confirmation of charitable status with PayPal. The service is free of any signup or subscription fees, therefore charities can start to generate additional funds for their cause without paying for the service or having their donors pay for it.

To find out more visit  PayPal Giving Fund

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