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New programme uses Care Opinion in palliative and end of life care

Author: James Munro
07 June 2017

James Munro, chief executive of non-profit forum Care Opinion, explains their new two-year programme created in partnership with Hospice UK for clinical teams to learn from feedback given by patients and their families.

At Care Opinion, our vision is for people to be able to share their experiences of health and care in ways which are safe, simple, and lead to learning and change.

In recent years we have seen increasing interest from clinical teams in reading and responding to online feedback from their patients and their families. We have found that online feedback can help to boost team morale, strengthen a team’s value base, help to resolve practical issues and stimulate and inform quality improvement activities. It can help to build a sense of trust and shared purpose between patients and staff, and support a learning, non-defensive culture.

In palliative and end of life care (PEOLC) specifically, feedback can often be profoundly moving  or dispiriting. It can identify areas where changes can be made and services improved.

A two-year programme in learning from online feedback

To enable more teams to make use of online feedback in PEOLC, and to learn how best to create impact and learning, we have partnered with Hospice UK to launch a two-year programme which is open to PEOLC teams in hospital, community or hospice settings who wish to use Care Opinion as part of their learning and quality improvement plans.

We are grateful to the Scottish Government which has provided significant backing for the programme. We are able to support up to 10 clinical teams in using Care Opinion for two years, free of charge.

The purpose of the programme is to work with clinical teams to create real benefits for patients, staff and services, while sharing online both the successes and challenges of this new way of working so that others can learn from it.

Dr Sarah Russell, Hospice UK's Head of Research and Clinical Innovation, told us: 

“This is an exciting opportunity to learn from our patients and their families in a very open and transparent way. We want people to be able to give honest feedback without having to worry, and to easily be able to see where their feedback makes a difference.”

Interested in participating?

We are able to offer up to 10 teams fully-funded Care Opinion subscriptions, along with training and support from Care Opinion and Hospice UK, as part of this programme.

For details on how to apply, visit Care Opinion in palliative and end of life care: apply to join our programme

This article was first published on Care Opinion

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