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“It’s a wonderful privilege to work at this centre” – Tilly Brouwer

Author: Shaun Thomas
10 April 2017

This week through #HospiceVisits we highlight St Francis Care Centre. St Francis is a registered non–profit organisation and can provide an 18 A Tax Certificate. The Centre is multi–cultural and multi–denominational and their doors are always open to anyone in need for what the services they offer.

We had the privilege of having a chat with Tilly Brouwer who is the Centre Care Manager and has had the honour of working at the centre for the past 13 years. Tilly is a qualified social worker by profession and has experience working in the child welfare sector, drug addiction sector and as mentioned before, for the past 13 years, in the palliative care sector with St Francis.

St Francis Centre was started by Father Stan Brennan, a Catholic priest in the early 90’s. Tilly had the privilege of working with Father Stan for 8 years, and in that time what has stayed with her and was evident was Father Stan’s obsession that a centre where palliative care is offered should be a haven for all people suffering from life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses, a haven where they can be treated with love, compassion and dignity. That is what the ethics of St Francis Care Centre is about and Tilly added that is a wonderful privilege to provide this care to the patients they serve at this centre.

Tilly then made mention of the fact that often the patients they see have been discharged by the hospitals because they cannot do anything more. However, by providing them with palliative care and being patient and family focused, they are able to provide care and consult with the patients and their families regarding their needs on a daily basis. Tilly is so proud to make mention that a lot of the patients who they take in, are able to return back home in much better condition after their care.

“Most of our patients who go through Palliative care end up much better and are then able to return home. It’s a wonderful privilege to work at this centre.” – Tilly Brouwer

Find out more about St Francis Care Centre here.

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