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Stepping up for our women

12 February 2018
Cervical cancer is one of the leading cancers in Kenya according to the Kenya Demographic Health Survey (KDHS) 2014. , The annual number of cervical cancer cases was 4800 while on the other had the annual number of deaths was 2451. In 2018 the number…

A new dawn

19 January 2018
According to American Cancer Society, more than 100 chemotherapy or chemo drugs are used to treat cancer either alone or in combination with other medicines or …

An honorable duty for a noble course

18 December 2017
Worldwide, over 20 million people are estimated to require palliative care at the end of life every year. The majority (69%) are adults over 60 years old and on…

Caring for the caregiver

22 November 2017
Currently, more than 15 million adults provide care to relatives, saving the formal health care system billions of dollars annually. Provision of care to a love…

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