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World Cancer Day celebration

05 February 2016
Looking at the title of this article, it is very easy to stop for a moment and wonder why on earth would it be as it is, right? I mean, cancer, just like any other disease, however way you want to look at it, is in no way something worth celebrating……

World Cancer Day

04 February 2016
There’s a joke about India having the second-biggest population in the world with around a billion people but cannot produce 11 football players; that is of cou…

Walking the talk

01 February 2016
‘Easier said than done’ is such a common phrase that we all have used at some point or worse, used on us; especially in a world that has gone ‘mad’ with buzzing…

The Power of Music

27 January 2016
If you are familiar with Country Music, you probably might have listened to Doug Stone with his song, "I never knew the power of a song 'till I heard t…

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