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It hurts because it is real

26 March 2018
“Pain is whatever a patient says it is. It exists wherever and whenever a patient says it does”. In an assessment of pain vid…

The Hippocratic Oath

18 October 2017
Hippocratic is a documentary that talks about first-hand experiences of a Doctor, palliative care advocate in India by the na…

Tackling Pain in Laikipia County

16 June 2017
“Vital signs are taken seriously, if pain was assessed with the same zeal as the other vital signs, it would have a much bett…

Nyandarua embraces palliative care

14 June 2017
The Kenya Hospices and palliative care association (KEHPCA) has been very vocal when it comes to everything palliative care e…

Breaking the pain cycle

08 March 2017
For many years, only one company in the country has been allowed to import morphine and therefore resulting in its distributi…

The 10/80 gap

03 March 2017
“We are all aging and we may all need palliative care. Diseases are increasing and palliative care services should then be in…

New beginning

27 February 2017
Rain falls like Gods own poetry; each drop is a single letter in a song that takes years to sing. The smell of air was earthy…

What’s Your Business?

21 October 2016
“That’s tough,” or “that’s so depressing,” are words you may come across when you tell people that you want to be a palliativ…

What’s Up?

18 October 2016
Recently the Kenya Hospice and Palliative Care Association (KEHPCA) staff visited a number of palliative care units in Kenya …
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