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The Power of Music

Author: Cosmas
27 January 2016

If you are familiar with Country Music, you probably might have listened to Doug Stone with his song, "I never knew the power of a song 'till I heard the music playing the day my mama passed on...". Music is not just an art and certainly not just a leisure activity. Music is so many life aspects put together. There isn't a single human activity devoid of music and it is for this reason it is the most popular piece of art ever created. Music however is best used to express emotions...whatever emotions.

Music gives you happiness and sadness and heals your soul. Reminds you of the worst day of your life; takes you back down memory lane with nostalgia and often marks the most important days of your life. The different genres of music trigger different emotions and how one relates with one song is completely different from how they relate to a different song; it's purely emotional appeal.

An organisation in the United Kingdom that offers support to families that have undergone child bereavement recently interviewed some of those who have been affected by the bereavement on what role has music played in helping them cope with their losses...Lauren was part of the survey and here is what she says about how she has been able to get over the death of her father, " every time I listen to the song 'Counting Stars' by One Republic, I picture my dad as one of the stars and makes me feel like he is watching over me and nothing could be better than that." She adds that the song is her source of smile because it reminds her of the best memories she had with her dad.

Ben, having lost his father threw him into misery and worked him up. "It bothered me and I missed him so much-I miss him every day. But listening to 'Headlights' by Eminem, it not only reminds me of my dad but also reminds me that I am not the only one going through this; there are other people somewhere going through exactly what I am going through or even worse and this makes me feel better and accept the situation as it is," says Ben. Like the rest of the children under the survey, he says that music helps them to express his feelings and they feel better afterwards.

People have different ways of coping and getting over grief, music is one of them. If you however are blessed with helping someone, start such a project and help those that need it, we all do...someday.

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