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Palliative care bill gets all-party support

07 June 2017

As we come to the end of the parliamentary session and I return to the constituency for the summer, there is good news to report.

First, my palliative care bill received the all-party support needed to send it to the Senate where it will now undergo further review by committee. It is possible they will move it forward quickly to royal assent, but worst case it will be adopted in the fall. Secondly, the “Requirement to Report” bill, allowing boaters to cross the water border without having to notify CBSA if not embarking on foreign soil, was passed in the House.

As for other legislation, the government continues to struggle to get anything passed. So far in 18 months, only 10 non-budgetary items have come forward, and they don`t appear to have been prioritized.

Bills to remove financial transparency for First Nations, allow Air Canada to outsource their maintenance work outside of Canada, give the middle class a $932 tax break, then remove tax credits ($5,000 tuition, $1200 sports, income splitting $12,000) and take an additional $1,100 from paychecks for CPP benefits that will not be seen for 40 years, to address environmental language for Rouge Park in Toronto and the Yukon, to sign the CEDA trade deal which now will have to have re-negotiation with Britain as a result of Brexit, and a trade deal with the Ukraine. Everything else is still in the legislative pipeline.

Sarnia- Lambton received millions of dollars in infrastructure funding for municipalities, along with another million dollars for youth summer jobs, bringing the total funding we have been able to get to nearly $60 million dollars since the start of the session. I am starting a youth advisory council to hear from youth in our community about their concerns. I have seen their passion to get involved as I have visited our local high schools, and I am dedicated to representing the needs of this generation.

Canada 150 celebrations will ramp up over the summer. I have sent information about events to each household. We will be announcing special commemorative awards for people who have served our community well. Canada 150 pins and flags are appearing across the riding, barbeques are planned, and the excitement for our sesquicentennial is building.

I look forward to seeing you in the riding over the summer season, and encourage you to contact me with your input and any issues I can help with.

Visit Sarnia This Week for the full article. 

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