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Hospice aims to end stigma surrounding palliative care.

15 May 2017

Hospice is calling on Canadians to conquer their fear of end-of-life care issues.

As a part of Palliative Care Week, the palliative care association has been raising awareness about preparing for death. 

Executive Director of the Hospice of Windsor and Essex County, Carol Derbyshire, says many Canadians are still afraid to discuss the topic of death.

She says Hospice is able help families plan for the future and cope with the stress of losing a loved one. 

"We are not just caring for a patient or a person," says Derbyshire. "It is everyone who is important to them in their lives. If you have someone at home who is sick, that impacts everything that you are doing." 

She says families who have not discussed what to do when a loved one passes away often face more stress then those who have. 

"Often times, when families are pushed into making these decisions, they agonize after," says Derbyshire. "Did I make the right decision? Is that really what he or she would have wanted? But if you had the discussion and you know, then that is one thing you do not have to worry about."

She says planning for death is still stigmatized.

"We all need to start looking at what our wishes are if something happens to us," says Derbyshire. "What are the things that we want and do not want? Because it helps our families and those people who love us to know what we want and they will make sure our wishes are carried out." 

Derbyshire says Hospice is open to anyone who is seeking help with palliative care, planning for life closure or trying to cope with grief during a loved one's illness.

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