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Wanting every nurse to be a palliative care nurse

19 August 2015
  • Every nurse should be equipped to handle palliative care according to University of Technology Sydney Professor of Nursing, Jane Phillips

Good clinical and nursing care counts significantly toward quality of life for sufferers of delirium and others in palliative care.

That is a finding from one of several studies in which Jane Phillips, Professor of Nursing (Palliative Care) and director of the Centre for Cardiovascular and Chronic Care at Sydney’s University of Technology (UTS) has been involved.

The studies have largely been directed at improving patient treatments for pain, breathlessness, delirium and responses to the use of opiates. They also reveal that one in four patients in a palliative care unit will suffer from delirium on any one day.

Professor Phillips’ work and the issue of delirium was the subject of an article in The Sydney Morning Herald, written by UTS. In it, she says that she wants every nurse to be a palliative care nurse.

The article also referred to Associate Professor Meera Agar’s work on a recent randomised-controlled trial for the management of delirium. Delirium will be the subject of an advanced symptom management workshop hosted by the Palliative Care Nurses Association (PCNA) and the Palliative Care Clinical Studies Collaborative (PaCCSC) at the Australian Palliative Care Conference in Melbourne on Tuesday 1 September.

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