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The vet will see you now

Author: Rob Gill
10 August 2015
  • Palliative care specialist Professor Irene Higginson - don't go comparing human and pet health care

The question whether veterinarians offer their charges higher quality service than is available to humans has surfaced in the UK.

A pet owning GP has told the BBC that the care his dog gets from her vet could be a lesson for health providers, citing separate waiting rooms for dogs and cats, fast results turnarounds, no long waiting lists and continuity of care, where Fluffy gets to see the same vet every visit.

GPs interviewed by the BBC even suggested there were lessons to be learned from how pets were treated at the end of their lives.

However, Kings College palliative care specialist, Professor Irene Higginson, who spoke at last year’s International Cancer Congress in Melbourne, warned against comparing animal and human end of life care, saying a pet owner was always the one who decided on an animal’s time of death.

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