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Sign up to "Pain doesn’t have to Happen" Thunderclap campaign.

Author: Shelley Enarson, African Palliative Care Association
07 October 2016

This World Hospice and Palliative Care Day, sign up for the "Pain doesn't have to happen" Thunderclap campaign to spread this message around the world.

Refining our message, branching out. These were some of the conceptual takeaways from the 5th International African Palliative Care Conference, hosted this year in Kampala, Uganda. 

So this World Hospice and Palliative Care Day, we invite you to support us as we venture to do just that through our "Pain doesn't have to happen" Thunderclap campaign, launched through the generous support of The True Colours Trust

What is Thunderclap?

Thunderclap is a tool that lets a message be amplified to each supporter's social networks. Each person that clicks "support on Facebook" or "support on Twitter" contributes to a supporter goal. In our case, 100 supporters. If we reach our goal by 24 October, which is United Nations Day, Thunderclap will then send out the following message to all of your social media followers: “This #UNDay, I’m speaking out for 5.5 billion people who can't access pain relief when they need it. #StopPain #SDGs". 

Within one day - we can unite our voices to reach hundreds of thousands of influencers around the world. 

Joining the campaign is easy. Here's how:

1. Click here to access the "Pain doesn't have to happen" Thunderclap page. The page includes a powerful 1.5 minute animated video about a boy named Faasi and the impact of pain relief on his family.

2. Click "Support with Facebook" or "Support with Twitter" or "Support with Tumblr" on the campaign page. The most social media accounts included, the wider our reach.

3. Promote the campaign in your local language on your social media account, using the #StopPain hashtag. We want this message to reach as many people as possible in their mother tongue.

4. Follow the #StopPain hashtag throughout the campaign for updates on how far the message of pain relief is reaching. 


Email the APCA communications team and we'd be happy to provide you with support. Thank you for sharing your voice.

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